We’re creating a culture of dignity and respect for all people’s sexual and reproductive lives.

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Everyone has a story. And no one is immune to the effects of a society that routinely shuns truth-telling about everyday experiences like abortion, miscarriage, gender-affirming treatment‚ÄĒeven breastfeeding. Against this backdrop, Sea Change is making waves‚ÄĒbringing diverse stories to light, inspiring dialogue, and shifting beliefs in favor of a world where everyone can live with dignity throughout their sexual and reproductive lives.

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What is abortion stigma?

Abortion stigma is the shared understanding that abortion is socially and morally unacceptable.

This stigma has disastrous consequences around the world. People seeking abortions are bullied, shamed, marginalized, and sometimes even prevented by law or intimidation from seeking safe health care services. Abortion providers are harassed, dehumanized and targeted by regulation and anti-abortion advocates.

Stigma leads to the social, medical, and legal marginalization of abortion care around the world and is a barrier to access to high quality, safe abortion care.


Break down stigma

What are we doing about it?

Engaging communities to create change

We¬†shed light on everyday stories that have been in the shadows for too long. Stories that have the power to change conversations and beliefs in favor of what we require‚ÄĒfrom legislators, family members, and peers‚ÄĒto lead safe and healthy reproductive lives. Join Us ¬Ľ

Training & supporting the field

Bringing a background in public health research to the reproductive rights, health, and justice field, we‚Äôre helping activists strengthen, measure, and sustain their stories and strategies for change. Work With Us ¬Ľ

Conducting original research

We conduct research to ensure communities have the knowledge and resources they need to challenge misperceptions and defend everyone‚Äôs right to self-determination and reproductive health. Learn More ¬Ľ

Shatter stigma in your community by hosting a discussion of Untold Stories

More and more people are compelled to tell their stories and refuse to let stigma and shame hold sway over their lives. Story by story, community by community, we can connect with one another to change the national conversation. Join us in challenging bias and discrimination by signing up to host an Untold Stories reading group.

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