Lauren Himiak, MA

Communications Manager
Brooklyn, NY

Lauren serves as Communication Manager where she is leading new communication initiatives and enhancing the impact and reach of The Sea Change Program. She comes to Sea Change with a background in advocacy and journalism, working to enhance the health and rights of girls and women around the world. Prior to the Sea Change Program, Lauren worked as Communications Manager at Women Deliver where she worked to create digital advocacy campaigns, brand recognition, facilitate leadership and networking opportunities, and aid in global conversations about the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. She has volunteered in Uganda and Haiti, working with local institutions like House of Hope and Let Haiti Live to improve education, health, and resources for children. Lauren is passionate about ending reproductive stigma to ensure that girls and women lead safe and fulfilling lives, with sexual and reproductive freedoms. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from The New School and is an active advocate for the rights of girls and women, volunteering time with the National Organization for Women (NOW), CHOICES, Vera House, New York Cares, and local women’s health clinics.

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