Sea Change Program Announces Co-Leadership

By June 20, 2016What's New

Every day we hear from people who want to tell a new story about abortion. People who want to challenge the stigma they experience in their communities and see on their TVs by reimagining abortion to be an experience that brings people together, instead of a polarizing issue that drives people apart. At Sea Change, we believe in the power of this vision, and know that the only way to achieve it is together. It’s with that inspiration that we embark on an exciting new chapter.

Beginning this month, Sea Change is embracing co-leadership in both spirit and structure. We’ve learned from our own experiences, and from non-profit experts that co-leadership models allow organizations to benefit from different identities, styles, and strengths, distribute responsibility and risk among leaders, and prevent burnout. With these advantages in mind, Kate Cockrill and Steph Herold are transitioning from Executive Director and Managing Director, to Co-Directors who have equal accountability and responsibility for carrying out the mission and vision of Sea Change.

When we founded Sea Change, we were committed to doing a different kind advocacy that links cultural strategy to sound research. In the last two years, we’ve also learned that leadership requires bold changes in our behavior, including building caring relationships, deep listening, sharing the stories that motivate our work, respect for different opinions, and a commitment to lifting up the goals of others in addition to our own. We see our leadership transition as a way to both practice and model how we can redistribute power and responsibility in order to achieve a higher purpose and vision.

As we move with intention into our new roles as Co-Directors, we are not alone. We are grateful for the encouragement of our incredible staff, advisory board, colleagues, and others who continue to support us on this leadership journey. If you are interested in supporting the mission and shared vision of Sea Change, please consider donating to our work. Together, we can build and sustain powerful partnerships that enable us to change the world.