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We help shed light on everyday stories that have been in the shadows for too long. Stories that have the power to change conversations and beliefs in favor of what we require—from legislators, family members, and peers—to lead safe and healthy reproductive lives.

What is Abortion Stigma?

Abortion stigma is a shared understanding that abortion is morally wrong and/or socially unacceptable. Understanding what abortion stigma is can help us figure out how to change it.
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Theory of Change

More and more people are compelled to tell their stories in public and refuse to let stigma and shame hold sway over their lives. Story by story, community by community, we can connect with one another to change the national conversation.
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Untold Stories Project

Sea Change is creating opportunities for people to share their stories—stories that spark conversations, dispel myths, and inspire a growing swell of support for access to reproductive health, justice and rights.
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Capacity Building

Sea Change conducts trainings to ensure communities and organizations have the knowledge they need to challenge misperceptions and defend everyone’s right to self-determination and reproductive health.
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The Sea Change approach is supported by the research—our research—that tells us how people can work through their shame and support each other—at the individual, community and national level.
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Stigma impacts us all. It creates a culture of shame in which people cannot be their whole selves. Help us grow our work and support culture change around the world.



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Join our living room and kitchen table reading project to support new ways to think, listen, and share around reproduction.

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