Capacity Building for Culture Change

We work with organizations to design pathways to culture change.

Sea Change’s Capacity Building Program believes that everyone has a role in creating culture change around sex and reproduction.

Every day, we creatively partner with artists, advocates, researchers, and care providers to:

  • Prototype new interventions and measurements
  • Implement and improve culture change strategies
  • Co-create collaborative, focused networks of leaders

We are compassionate, sharp, and curious, driven by innovation and experimentation, and focused on culture change and reproductive stigma reduction.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please contact

Learn about the Culture Change Strategy Group: A first-of-its-kind collaboration specifically focused on culture change around abortion.
Elizabeth and #NoTeenShame Mamas
(Above: Sea Change Capacity Building Coordinator Elizabeth Greenblatt (second from left) with #NoTeenShame founders Christina Martinez, Natasha Vianna, and Gloria Malone.)


Needs Assessments

To meet the needs of organizations addressing complex issues like abortion stigma, it’s imperative to have a full picture of organizational priorities and goals. We conduct in-depth needs assessments and take on the work of:

  • Designing the needs assessment tool,
  • Carrying out the needs assessment,
  • Analyzing the data and finding themes,
  • Comprehensive reporting of findings, and
  • Leading the discovery process for next steps based on the findings.

Workshops and Webinars

We are dedicated to working with adult learners both in person and via webinar to deliver high quality, dynamic content. We work with organizations to develop engaging training tools for staff that incorporate skills building and facilitated group discussions.

We have a constantly growing workshop and webinar repertoire, including:

  • Reducing Abortion Stigma: Strategies for Evaluating Culture Change Projects
  • Understanding, Measuring, and Reducing Abortion Stigma
  • Linking Policy Change to Culture Change Around Abortion
  • How to Create Culture Change Around Abortion
  • Abortion Stigma 101 and How to Be An Abortion Ally
  • How Abortion Stigma Impacts Patients and Interventions that Work
  • Storytelling as an Abortion Stigma Intervention
  • Storytellers: The Human Resources Behind Culture Change

Product Development

We cater to all types of learners – people who learn through video, images, and by reading guidelines. We partner with organizations to create engaging products as part of workshops and webinars or as stand-alone tools. In 2014, we created the following products:

  • Videos on abortion stigma and storytelling using whiteboard animation technology
  • Infographics on research results, stigma measurement, and strategies for listening to abortion stories with empathy
  • Evidence-Based Guides, including recommendations for public abortion storytellers and recommendations for organizations in how to work with storytellers

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